Abai’s heritage promoted in Northern Kazakhstan

On September 30, as part of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Independence of Kazakhstan, the state historical, cultural and literary-memorial reserve-museum of Abai “Zhidebai-Borili” in the museum complex “Residence of Abylai Khan” in Petropavlovsk, North Kazakhstan region, a traveling exhibition “Adamzattyn Abaiy” was organized dedicated to the life and work of Abai Kunanbaiuly.

The solemn event was attended by representatives of the Department of Culture of Petropavlovsk, teachers and scientists of the University named after M. Kozybayev, students and representatives of city and regional media.

Accompanied by the singers and dancers of the city philharmonic society, a solemn event took place, at which the management of the Abai museum was presented with a letter of gratitude from the akim of the North Kazakhstan region K. Aksakalov. Then A. Zhakupova, a researcher at the Abai Museum, expressing a desire to strengthen creative ties between the two museums, presented the director of the Abylai Khan Residence museum complex A. Nabiuly with a letter of gratitude and gifts from the museum management.

The exhibition presents the personal belongings of the great poet, wise thinker, founder of realistic written literature and the literary language of the Kazakh new historical era, translator, composer Abai Kunanbayev. The exhibits that the poet himself, through his Russian friend N. Dolgopolov, handed over to the local history museum in Semey in 1885, then in September 1964 were transferred from the local history museum to the Abai museum.

This exhibition will be presented within a month for the residents of Petropavlovsk.

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