Exhibition “Ordasy uly Abylaidyn” In Semey

The historical and educational exhibition “Ordasy uly Abylaidyn”, organized by the Abylai Khan Residence, opened in the State Historical-Cultural and Literary-Memorial Museum-Reserve of Abai “Zhidebai-Borili”.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, the director of the Abai Museum Turdykul Shanbai noted the special significance of this exhibition, which connected the country of Abai with the people of the Kyzylzhar region, thanked the museum specialists, presented letters of thanks to the museum staff who specially arrived in Semey, and also presented the printed products of the Abai Museum.

After visiting the exhibition, residents and guests of Semey got acquainted with historical information about the great statesman Abylai Khan, who fought for the independence of his state, and also got acquainted with the exhibits stored in the museum’s funds.

This exhibition will serve residents and guests of the city for two weeks.


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