Meeting on the Tarbagatai-Barkytbel

Director of the State Historical, Cultural and Literary Memorial Reserve-Museum of Abai “Zhidebai-Borili” Turdykul Shanbai and Deputy Akim for Administrative and Economic Work Nurlan Raimanov on the eve of the celebration of Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan visited Urdzhar district. One of the branches of the Republican Museum of Abai – the Asset Naimanbayuly Memorial Museum is located in the village of Makanchi, Urdzhar district.

By special invitation, I was at a reception at the akim of Urdzhar district Nurzhan Tokseitov. Nurzhan Tleuzhanovich noted that the philosopher-literary critic Turdykul Kasenovich, as the head, modernized the Abai Museum in accordance with the requirements of the XXI century and wished creative success. Proudly calling himself a citizen of our country, the Urdzhar district received the medal “Abyroy” on the scientist’s chest with the assessment “for outstanding services to the prosperity of the Urdzhar district”. Covering his shoulders with a chapan, he presented a “congratulation” dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the country’s independence.

In turn, Turdykul Kasenovich expressed gratitude for the assistance and support provided by the branch of the museum of Abai Nurzhan Tleuzhanuly. As a gift, Akim of Urdzhar district Nurzhan Tleuzhanovich respectfully presented the head of the museum with the “Abai Medal”.

On the same day, the heads of the Abai Museum set off, visited the reception of the akim of the village of Sovetkan Toganbaevich, thanked for the constant support of the Asset Naimanbayuly Memorial Museum and presented the “Abai Medal”. The mayor of the village thanked the heads of the museum and said that our task is to support art and culture.

Then the heads of the Abai Museum inspected the work of the Asset Naimanbayuly Memorial Museum and, satisfied with the result, presented awards to the employees in honor of the thirtieth anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The head of the memorial museum Asset Naimanbaevich Lyazzat Kozhekenovna was awarded the Abai medal, the museum employee Token Segenbaev was presented with a “Letter of Thanks” by the regional trade union organization. All employees of the Asset Naimanbayuly Memorial Museum were awarded on the eve of the holiday.

At the end of the meeting, the head of the museum, Turdykul Kasenovich, said that next year marks 155 years since the birth of the poet Asset Naimanbayuly, and also discussed with the staff of the collective the action plan for the next year.

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