Celebrating the 220th anniversary of Kunanbai Uskenbayuly

From June 13 to 15, in Abai District, the 220th anniversary of Kunanbaі Uskenbayev, an orator, prominent public figure of the Kazakh steppe, hajji, and senior sultan, father of Abai, was widely celebrated.

As part of this event, the State Historical-Cultural and Literary-Memorial Museum-Reserve of Abai “Zhidebai-Borili” organized an exhibition. The exhibition featured historical materials and archival documents from the Abai museum’s collections, as well as Kunanbai’s skullcap and seal, books, and exhibits that illuminate the persona and life of this distinguished figure of his time.

The event was attended by scholars, honorary guests, prominent intellectuals, and descendants of Hajji Kunanbai Uskenbayev.


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