The exhibition “Adamzattyn Abayy” in the city of Kyzylorda

The Kyzylorda Regional Museum of Local Lore of the State Museum-Reserve of Abai “Zhidebai-Borili” of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan hosted the opening of the mobile exhibition “Adamzattyn Abayy”. The exhibition featured items transferred by A. Kunanbaiuly to the Semey Museum of Local Lore in 1885 through a friend of N.Dolgopolov: tumar dombra, sybyzgy, torsyk, a wooden vessel, a whorl for whipping kumis, the first collection of works by Abai Kunanbaiuly, published in 1909, letters from Abai’s descendants who took part in the Patriotic War. The event was attended by abaiologist T.Zholdasova, chairman of the Kyzylorda regional branch of the International Society “Kazakh Tili” S. Ansatov, senior lecturer at Korkyt Ata University A. Abilov, members of cultural centers and public organizations, media, university students, local scientists, school teachers and literary critics, historians.

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